VIDEO: This Gorgeous Artwork Was Made Using 64 Kinds Of Iconic Malaysian Desserts

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Source: Says

From ice kacang to bubur cha cha to leng chee kang, its not secret that Malaysians have been brought up on the tastiest desserts. Honing the craft of so many cultures that live in this country, we’re bound to end up with a large selection of sugary treats to satisfy our every craving.

In collaboration with Central Sugar Refinery (CSR), SAYS is celebrating our 64th Hari Kebangsaan by creating an artwork featuring our favourite Malaysian desserts.

The artwork features 64 sweet national treats, with a hint of nostalgia in every dish to bring us back to a simpler, happier time.

Remember when we used to wait in line on a sweaty afternoon for ABC vendors to shave a block of ice into our bowls, and finish it off with all kinds of fun toppings? Then we’d proceed to devour the dessert in a matter of minutes with the remains dripping down our fingers. Ah, the good days. 

Don’t forget our delicious variety of kuih! From traditional Nyonya kuih like ang ku kueh and pulut tai tai, to kuih lapis and kuih ketayap, there are all kinds of sweet treats that we get to enjoy every day.

My mouth is already watering while writing this, check out the full video here!

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