PHOTOS: M’sian Artist Goes Viral For Selling Ugly Portraits Priced at 50 Cents & It’s Hilarious!

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(source: @afdzal_adib Twitter)

With all the seriousness clouding our minds right now, perhaps we need a horrible child-like drawing of ourselves to help make our day. Lucky for us, this Malaysian is selling ’em for only RM0.50 per drawing – definitely worth it!

The artist behind this epic idea is Adib Afdzal, who went viral recently for his unique portrait commissions. Using only Photoshop and a mouse to draw, he charges 50 sen for a black and white sketch and 80 sen for a coloured version.

There’s even a disclaimer in his Shopee’s description saying that he is not good at drawing, but he is trying. Aren’t we all doing that in life? 

According to Malay Mail, Adib got the idea for his business just a day before he became a seller on online shopping platform, Shopee.

“A day before I started selling on Shopee, I came across this seller who was selling motivational quotes. I was editing a poster at that time for my company using photoshop and I thought to myself, why not just sell my art on Shopee,” he said.

Initially, he did not receive any response when he put up his artwork but the next day, they miraculously caught the attention of a famous TikTok user and the rest is history.

“I was shocked at first and touched that there are those who complimented and appreciated my drawings. I’m also grateful to be able to cheer those who are feeling down because of the Movement Control Order,” he said.

Even though he has only been in business for six days, Adib has sold almost 300 portraits and has made a profit of more than RM100 just from his RM0.50 commissions alone. Just by looking at his Shopee review, you can see that netizens are loving it and dropping 5-star ratings for his drawings.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of Adib’s ugly masterpieces: