VIDEO: This Customer Was Filmed Shouting At A FashionValet Cashier

On October 29 2019, a video was posted on YouTube that showed a female customer shouting at a cashier in a FashionValet store

Image via makhlukhalus (YouTube) / edited by SAYS

The video was only slightly over a minute long. In it, the female customer emphasised that she was a regular customer, and questioned how FashionValet could do this to her. She also repeatedly hit the counter and pointed accusingly at the cashier.

She even went so far as to claim that “I cannot trust you guys anymore okay, eh no no no, how can this happen to me?!”

Image via makhlukhalus (YouTube) / edited by SAYS

To her credit, the FashionValet cashier remained calm throughout the confrontation and even offered to get her manager to explain the situation to the angry customer.

But even that wasn’t enough to calm her down, as she went on to say “seriously lah FV, kalau you guys buat macam ni, all the best lah, I don’t know how orang lain can handle this!”

Watch the full video below:

Why was she shouting? FashionValet released their own video to explain the incident. Check it out:

Yeppp, turns out that the whole thing was just part of a marketing campaign to announce FashionValet’s upcoming 11.11 sale 😉

Image via Tenor

With awesome discounts of up to 90% off, you’re definitely not gonna wanna miss out on this huge sale! Here’s what’s in store for you:

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Besides huge markdowns on all their in-house brands as well as other participating brands, FashionValet will also be having daily 1-hour flash sales!

You’ll definitely regret not snapping them up while you can, so make sure you keep an eye out to score some truly awesome deals!

From 1 November to 11 November 2019, different categories of items will be on sale every day. Check out the calendar below to keep track of the sale schedule:

Image via FashionValet

All promos are available via both the FashionValet website and mobile app so get ready to shop ’til you drop!

Image via FashionValet

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