Becky With the Bad Hair? Here Are 3 Reasons Why Malaysian Women Suffer Hair Loss

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Nothing is more stressful than hair becoming thinner and drier, or when your hairline starts to recede. Many of us associate shiny, strong hair with a good appearance but even the most luscious locks will get old at some point. Although it’s a common to think that hair loss in Malaysia is a men’s issue, it affects plenty of women too.

Before you panic about losing your crown, just know that it’s normal for hair to fall out as we age. In fact, we could lose up to 60 strands per day but if it’s more than that, you need a check-up.

Don’t worry though, if you are dealing with shedding hair, you are not the only one. Many Malaysians suffer from hair-loss and here are 3 reasons why:

1. Genetics

To be more specific, it’s called Hereditary-pattern baldness. It’s not really a disease, but a natural condition caused by a combination of genetics, hormone levels and the ageing process. So, if your family members have a history of hair loss, you probably might inherit it too.

2. Hot Water

Haircare requires effort and one needs to take care of the smallest of the details. We know how satisfying it is to have a hot shower in the cold morning, but rinsing your hair in high-temperature every day can eliminate the moisture and essential oils from your hair. It’ll leave your scalp dehydrated, your hair frizzy with split ends and result in hair loss.

3. Emotional & Physical Stress

Unfortunately, a lot of Malaysians can relate when it comes to frustration either from personal problems, work, or dealing with our cost of living every month. Our stress level and environment can affect our hormones, which makes hair loss more prominent. Ayoo! Just another reason to be stressed out – worrying about our own stress levels!

Now that you know the reasons why your hair might be shedding, we won’t leave you scared and end this article here. We got the solutions on how you can keep your mane beautiful forever..

Faith Fleur is a local brand that will kickstart your hair care journey and prevent any hair loss in the future! They don’t just carry your everyday shampoo and conditioner, but they also have tonics, serums and hair mist for you to reach your ultimate hair potential.

They specialise in preventing hair loss and are certified by KMM! Perhaps being “Becky with the good hair” is not that bad (yes, that’s a Beyoncé reference).

Scroll down and check out what their products can do for you!

1. The staples: Smooth & Nourishing Shampoo/Conditioner

Exactly what it is named, this Faith Fleur shampoo has many benefits for your hair. It helps reduce hair loss, promotes hair growth, eliminates dandruff on the scalp, and prevents scalp dryness. Not only that but it also prevents dandruff from spreading and nourishes the scalp for you to achieve the healthiest hair.

Similar to the shampoo, their conditioner helps reduce hair loss too. In fact, it will strengthen your hair roots and restore, then maintain your natural hair moisture.

2. The must-have: Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

This water-based product makes absorption so much easier on your locks. Although it is a combination of olive, castor and grapeseed oils, it will not leave your hair sticky or oily. Gone are the days where you put on a product that makes you look like a hot mess!

This serum can thicken your hair, darken your white hairs, help with any lice problems, and most importantly – reduce hair loss.

Hair emergencies can be solved on the spot as the packaging is flexible and easy to bring about – definitely, a handbag essential that leaves your hair sorted out, smelling good, and refreshed! For Muslim-users, this serum is wudhu-friendly.

3. Achieve luscious locks with Hair & Scalp Tonic and Hair Mist

Maintenance is important if you want a healthy hair. No need to put on ten different products when you can focus on these two! Faith Fleur’s Hair & Scalp Tonic promotes hair growth and can improve the quality of your scalp. It’s refreshing and helps restore damaged hair.

As for the Hair Mist, it is suitable for all types of hair! Spray it on to avoid split ends as it provides your hair with nourishment. If you’re going out under the sun, the mist can help protect it from UV rays too. It also serves as a heat protectant if you’re planning to straighten or curl your hair. The perfect product to avoid any damage!

With all these amazing products, it’s time to make Faith Fleur your go-to brand for haircare.

Luckily for you, starting this 30 September, they will be hosting a 1 + 1 campaign for one month! Save up some coins, buy the Anti-Frizz Serum and get another one for free! There will be RM500k worth of serums that are up for grabs.

Remember y’all, your personal crown needs to be taken care of! Like Lady Gaga said, “I am my hair”.

To buy Faith Fleur’s products, visit their website by clicking, here or on Shopee, by clicking, here

For more information on Faith Fleur’s stocks, agents and dropship around Malaysia, contact their sales team at 013-662 9389

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