VIDEO: Sputnik Lamps by Julie Lansom

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Is this a video about lamps? Why, yes of course. Here at JUICE, we seek to improve your taste and knowledge across all levels of aestheticism, and lamps are one of those overlooked things. You might think your generic round paper material lamp you got from a certain Swedish furniture store is cool, but it ain’t touching the heaven levels of swag if it’s not handmade by a french chick. Enter Sputnik Lamps by Julie Lansom. A 26 year old Parisian-based photographer and designer, Lansom routinely works with her hands on various projects such as making rugs, and most recently lamps with this one. Apart from that, her photography works with film have gotten her spotted by the likes of Vice and Enquire Magazine. In this video, Lansom creates beautiful unique lamps out of her workshop in Paris. Made out of wood and cotton thread, each lamp is different from one another and essential for your studio apartment that you just decidedly rented in order to increase your tastemaker status.

Julie Lansom is currently taking on orders for said lamps and you can email her at [email protected], also check out her photography work and other design work here.