VIDEO: Pater by Joe Fenton

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source: Joe Fenton

Although we’d like to stay grounded in our own sense of reality and how the way the world should work, the truth is a lot of it are just distractions and lies we tell ourselves to make things pass by easier. Superficial nuances and grand ideas mean jack shit if at the end of the day, you lie to yourself about who you are and what you’re looking for. Surrealism tries to pave through all that by seeking truth outside the norms of logical thought through the subconscious mind and dreams. To put it in a very simple point, surrealist are THE fun guys to hang with. Just check out UK-based artist Joe Fenton’s latest work, Pater. A sculpture created from a clay mold incorporated with three dope ass surrealistic drawings. Crafted over a period of three months, it’s evident that a great many early surrealists have influenced Fenton.

To  check out more of Joe Fenton’s work, head on over here. 

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