WATCH: Two Painters Left Dangling Outside 26th Floor After Woman Cuts Their Rope

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(source: ABC111)

In a bizarre incident, two workers in Thailand were left dangling outside the 26th floor of a building after a resident cut off the rope supporting the two.

According to The Washington Post, the resident was apparently angry that she was not informed about the work being done.

A video of the incident shows the two workers hanging outside the highrise building before being rescued and let in by a couple. After the incident, the woman who cut off the supporting rope is now facing attempted murder and property destruction charges.

Take a look: 

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One of the workers named Song, a Myanmar national, said that he along with fellow workers were hanging outside the 32nd floor to repair a crack on the building. However, when they reached the 30th, he felt the rope getting heavier and as he looked down, he saw someone on the 21st floor cutting off the rope.

With no other unit to help them, the workers were left hanging outside the 26th floor.

“This incident is shocking and should not happen at all,” said Praphaiwan Setsing, a resident of the building who helped rescue the workers, adding that it was her husband who noticed one of the painters signalling for help.

(source: Yahoo! News)

The incident led to an investigation where the 34-year-old woman, who first denied severing the rope, later confessed after being shown CCTV footage and forensic evidence. However, she still denies that she had any intention to kill the workers.

The suspect, according to the police chief, was released temporarily. He stated that within 15 days, police will submit an indictment in provincial court. If she is convicted of attempted murder, she could be sentenced to up to 20 years in jail.