VIDEO: OccultUs by ECAL

source: OccultUs

Heard of the Oculus Rift technology yet? If not, you need to crawl out of that hole, fam, because this is the future we’re talking about here. The Oculus Rift is basically an upcoming virtual reality head-mounted display that offers legitimate immersion into virtual reality — ignore the fact that it looks like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. But anyways, that’s not what this post is about, this post is about the OccultUs, an installation that exploits the potential of the technology in terms of user sensory experience that mixes two distinct realities; the concrete real world overlapping with virtual reality as simulated in three dimensions like a video game. Users are placed in a dark room among a set of strange and abstract machines with the Oculus Rift on. Users then follow the on-screen instructions. As they walk through the virtual world, the real life machineries surrounding them create the sound effects in the world much like foley in filmmaking — except live on the spot . While the number of machines and experiences are limited for now, the project is touted to increase their number and diversity of sounds in order to give a larger and fresher dimension to the experience.

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