VIDEO: MEMEX | Duologue by Marshmallow Laser Feast


Mortality is an odd thing, isn’t it? The older we get, the stranger our fixation on the fragility of our aging bodies. While some consider the process of aging a dreadful step and try very hard to reverse it, rarely has the beauty of growing old been captured with such captivating images. Using a new photographic process called photogrammetry (which is really complicated to explain, way too complicated for a Monday), this Marshmallow Laser Feast collaboration with Analog, FBFX, and the band Duologue is a 3D study into mortality.

The textures and mood drawn from this video is nothing short of pure art. Using 3D processes to reveal different perspectives on the human form, the ethereal imagery of model Beryl Nesbitt brings forth an oddly disturbing appreciation of the aging body of an elderly. With an apt soundtrack by the band that sets the entire mood of the video, we were definitely blown away. And we can’t look at our grandmas the same way ever again.

For more information on the video and its creators head on over here, and to check out the band, hit ’em up here.