VIDEO: It Was Raining Ice In Ipoh


According to The Star, a freak thunderstorm rained down hard in Ipoh Garden, . Fortunately, there was no serious damage to any property or citizens.

The rain of ice left people in Ipoh shocked after the experience. It is learnt that the storm started at about 5.15 pm and lasted only for ten minutes.

Customer service consultant Estee Kho, who was in the area to pick up her son from tuition class, said that the thunderstorm was scary and even caused her car to rock back and fourth.

“I then heard loud ‘tick tock’ noises on my car roof and saw ice pellets raining down on the windscreen,” she added.

Kho, 34, described the situation as “hundreds of stones thrown at my car”. Khow was relieved when she checked her car after the storm was over and upon realising that there was no dents.

Another Ipoh Garden resident Marianne Mong, 54, said her dog was scratching the front door, wanting to get into the house during the storm.

“It was then I heard loud noises, like stones being thrown onto the awning roof. I went out and saw stone-like objects on the ground. I picked one up and was shocked to feel that it was ice cold,” the hotelier said.

Some drivers on the road even had to detour and stop by a roofed parking space in fear that their windscreen will shatter. The storm also caused several tree branches to fall while roof tiles were blown off.

In 2016, a similar incident happened in Kuala Lumpur when a massive thunderstorm with ice pellets as rain caused havoc and serious damage to the city.

We advise fellow Malaysians to be cautious of the current weather that is unusually unstable lately (why don’t we see any local politicians campaigning about Global Warming?), and do not take it lightly as hail storms can potentially hurt someone or cause massive damage to your car and property.

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