Even After Blocking 10 Times, This Cyber-Pervert Keeps Harassing Yuna on Instagram

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(source: Yuna FB)

According to NST, Malaysian US-based singer-songwriter Yuna, has urged social media portal Instagram to help her and netizens end online sexual harassment.

Apparently, Yuna has been stalked by an anonymous person online. This person has allegedly been leaving disgusting and perverted sexual comments in her account for up to six months. Recalling these unfortunate events, Yuna tweeted:

“I have reported these comments and accounts to you guys a few times, yet the horrible person keeps coming back with a vengeance, via a new account to trouble me. Please help, I’ve blocked the culprit 10 times!”

Yesterday she provided netizens a special e-mail to which people can send photographs and screencaps of their vile perpetrators and their nasty messages.

She tweeted: “Please Instagram, help me and fellow Netizens end online sexual harassment. Is there an e-mail where I can send photos or screencaps of these perpetrators in the act to? I’ve taken all the steps your help centre has offered thus far, but these predators just keep coming back!”

The 31-year old is currently in California, US, recording works for an upcoming project.

Although this is a common issue, very few artists come out requesting for help. In October last year, the #Metoo movement spread wildly across social media to help women demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment throughout the Internet and their workplaces.

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