VIDEO: Handturned by Jonathan Leech

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Damn, having a job title like artistic woodturner must be cool as hell. It’s the kind of job that warrants for such a cool video. We’re pretty sure a video of an accountant going through various receipts and crunching numbers will not be as exciting or beautiful as this one.

Jonathan Leech is an artistic woodturner hailing from Cumbria, England who uses wood to express its natural beauty through contemporary design. Spending most of his time in the Cumbrian countryside, Jonathan sources all of his wood locally and most of the time from fallen or storm-damaged trees. Leaning towards a more minimal and simple design, Jonathan prefers to have the wood speak for itself via its own qualities, which are reflected on his works having natural edges, knot-holes, burrs, spalting, and other naturally occurring imperfections, making each piece all the more unique.

Check out his other works here.

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