VIDEO: Eyes Of Hitchcock by Kogonada

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This video is pretty dope. Those five words should be enough to convince you to watch it unless you really have nothing to do today and decide to finish this poorly written article about the video… well, here we go then. This video is a mesmerising supercut of the legendary director of its namesake by Kogonada, and if you’re into videos, you’ve probably heard of this chap, because ya boy has been making several Vimeo Staff Pick videos for a minute now. In this exploratory visual experiment, Kogonada journeys through the work of Alfred Hitchcock using a repetitive technique that focuses on the actors and actresses’ eyes that appear in his films as a recurring motif. It kind of invokes the reserved emotions that you would feel as you traverse through Hitchcock’s filmography — the sense of dread in his movies finally explained in a way that you may or may not have noticed.

For more of Kogonada’s work, head on over here.