VIDEO: Cytoplasmic Playgrounds by MRK

source: Cytoplasmic Playgrounds

Sometimes we wish we could go the student route again and pursue a science degree than write any more of this pompous, superficial shit. But you can’t turn back time, you make due with what you got. Kidding, we love all that pompous, superficial shit of course. But we also love this video by London-based visual artist, Markos Kay. An interesting blend of organic and graphic visuals, Markos shows the foxtrot between macromolecules, minerals, ions, and proteins in the unseen world of cytoplasm in biological  cells. The complex interactions between these particles are reimagined using dynamic particle systems. The awkward almost digital yet lively sounds in the video is generated by a granular synthesis technique based on the principle of sampling but instead of being played back conventionally, the samples are split into small pieces and layered on top of each other. A surreal discovery into how one can turn something so minute and tiny into an incredibly beautiful work.

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