VIDEO: By a Duo or Group’s ‘Stella (feat. Zack Yusof)’

source: By a Duo or Group

It’s difficult to find any information about By a Duo or Group (comprising Weishein and Ramodiaz, it’s definitely the former), but the band has had at least one album before — and that was released some eight years ago! However with featured guest Zack Yusof, you may recognise him — or rather his voice — as the host of BFM’s alternative rock programme 33RPM. Zack also fronts his own band as well, previously with Free Deserters and now the folksy Mystery Tapes. ‘Stella’ is the first single from By a Duo or Group’s self-titled sophomore album and despite the band’s electropop, ’80s new wave slant, the track leans heavily towards the Zack Yusof side of things; alt. rock with even a tinge of Britpop. In fact, it reminded us of the glory days of Malaysia’s English alt. rock in the mid to late ’90s. The lyrics have a clear cynicism to it, where much of it are delivered with a croon. The colouring of the accompanying video progressively becomes an LSD trip as it features a guy who’s ostensibly auditioning for two ladies who would only approve of his performance if he makes a donation.

Watch the video below:

The single is available via iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, and KKBox. By a Duo or Group’s self-titled album is slated for a Friday 16 October ’15 release. Keep up to date here.