Veganism Gone Wrong: On This Farm, You’re the Meat

(The Last Supper, nightmare edition. Source: YouTube)

Veganism has been shooting the pop culture with many ridiculous, yet funny posts about why eating meat is wrong and how it affects the planet. While we don’t have anything against being vegan, we do think that sometimes it can get a bit extreme.

Upon browsing YouTube to search for cat videos, a recommended video appeared and for some reason, I instantly clicked to see what it was. To my surprise, holy cow  – what in the actual sh*t is this?

The trailer wasn’t that clever, it’s just graphic but hey, art is subjective, so they say. Weighing a baby before cutting it, carrying chopped human limbs in a bag and people butt naked, gagged in cages waiting for their demise at the Krazy Vegan Klub, these are some of the things you can expect to see in the trailer below.

What exactly the message of the movie is still unclear, and we’re still counting votes to see who’d be the lucky winner to watch it. Until our champion watches the movie, we’ll stay calm and whisper “WTF”.

If you’re curious to know what the movie looks like, you can watch it below. But be warned, it’s graphic and you might need a bucket, just in case.

Like we said before, what in the actual sh*t.

We can say this though, the production and acting looks good and there might be an actual plot in the movie but until then, we’re gonna keep assuming that these are the alt-right vegans who just want to Make The World Green Again.

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