Pesky Stains Around The House? This Cordless Spot Washer Can Handle It With Ease

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Stains. Look around your home, and you’re bound to find evidence of previous ‘accidents’ lying around.

From that spilled cup of orange juice on the sofa, or the time your pet decided to use your prized carpet as a litter box.

There are not many good options to dealing with these accidents, and with deep cleaning services few and far between, the stains usually left to become permanent eyesores after great effort.

Well say goodbye to dirty rags and scrubbing with water, as a new product has hit the market to take all your worries away!

Introducing the VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo, a self-described ‘powerful cordless spot washer’, that has more than a few unique features to help around the house.


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Leaning on over 40 years of experience, VAX is one of Britain’s leading home appliance brands, and is a market leader in innovative cleaning solutions.

Resembling a traditional vacuum cleaner, the VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo can remove stains with ease, and can also be an all-in-one cleaning companion.

By using an Active Jet Spray, the VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo aims water and a proprietary solution directly onto stains, before getting sucked up into its own removable tank.

Once the water is dirty, all you need to do is empty it out and refill the tank with water and solution then you’re good to go, simple as that.

Squeegee Attachment

The included ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution also kills over 99% of germs and bacteria, so not only does it remove pesky stains, it leaves it cleaner than ever before!

Best of all, it even comes with three interchangeable attachments!

The ‘multi-purpose tool’ works like a brush, and is best used for scrubbing on tough surfaces; the ‘pet attachment tool’ for removing hairs and dust; and even a ‘squeegee tool’ for cleaning glass surfaces.

The multi-purpose tool is great for scrubbing and agitating stains in the carpet, rugs, sofas and upholstery.

The pet attachment tool is perfect for removing pet hair from your upholstery, cleaning your car interior, cleaning tiles and sealed wooden floors.

The squeegee tool is ideal for windows and shower screens, patio doors, and hard floor spill pick ups.

Simply select your desired tool attachment and clean away effortlessly.

Because of this customisability, the VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo can easily clean basically any surface.

The product is also lightweight, weighing only 3.2kg, so you can easily carry it around the house, just grab and go!

The VAX SpotlessGo has an active jet spray which helps you target the water and solution towards the unwanted stain, alongside a range of attachments that agitate and suck away dirt and bacteria on multiple surfaces.

The VAX SpotlessGo is powered by their latest fade-free Lithium-ion technology. You can clean for up to 15 minutes on a single charge, more than enough time to tackle those unexpected spills, and with its fast charge it’s ready to go again in  just 90 minutes.

Its fade-free power feature ensures constant powerful performance even when the battery is low, and when it runs out there’s also the Removable ONEPWR 2.0 Ah battery for extendable high performance cleaning with a charge time of only 1.5 hours.

Plus, the compact design and hose clip makes for easy storage, perfect for condo dwellers and those without much closet space!

Given the VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo’s great versatility, this product will give you less stress and more laughs come cleaning time, and if the reviews online are anything to go by, this product is a must-buy this upcoming holiday season!

Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor of the VAX ONEPWR line of products in Malaysia.

 You can purchase this product exclusively at Harvey Norman outlets nationwide, or on the VAX flagship store on Lazada.

Visit VAX’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to find out more, or visit your nearest Harvey Norman for a live product demonstration!