Ain Husniza, Activist of #MakeSchoolASaferPlace & Father Speaking Out Against National School Walkout Day

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Ain Husniza with her parents. Source: Reuters

Ain Husniza, the teen activist of the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace movement along with her father, Saiful Nizam are speaking out against the National School Walkout Day (NSWD) protest that is set to happen this week.

The National School Walkout Day is a protest to address rape culture and sexual harassments in schools organised by the National School Walkout Day Alliance where students and teachers are to protest by skipping school for a day or for one class period on this coming Thursday or Friday.

The 17-year-old took to her twitter account and said, “For now, there is much better ways to handle the current situation. But we will take the next course of action if the government continues to take this issue lightly.”

Saiful Nizam is also concerned that the National School Walkout Day (NSWD) will only generate more negativity causing students to steer away from the main issue and rebel against schools even though he’s grateful for the support they have been getting.

Source: Reuters

In a Facebook post on Sunday he voiced out his concerns on the Nationwide School Walkout Day, “Students go to school to get high quality education and must fill their school time with such things instead of being involved in protests activities and so on.

“In fact, it is unfair to ask students to participate in such action at this stage.”

Saya dan keluarga amat bersyukur dengan sokongan yang diberikan. Setiap dari anda telah bersama menyumbang usaha ke arah…

Posted by Saiful Nizam on Saturday, 1 May 2021

After exposing a teacher for trivialising rape during a class session on social media, Ain Husniza’s posts went viral on social media.

Ain was also accused of tarnishing her school’s image by a classmate. She lodged a police report after getting rape threats from the same classmate whom has since apologised.

Source: Geraldine Tong/Malaysiakini

Since netizens managed to find the name of Ain’s school, her father hopes that people would not attack the school as some of the teachers and students were supportive of her.

“Ain and I will do our best not to involve the good name of the school in any matters,” he said.

Saiful also added that they do not want to spread hate, emphasising that they only want change to happen. “If you keep criticising and insulting, how different are you with them? That is my opinion.”

He also apologised for disagreeing with the NSWD movement, “Although I agree with all the proposals from the efforts made by NSWD, I don’t think it should be through protests and so on.”

“Please continue to raise awareness in this matter. Rape jokes are not okay! Stop normalising rape culture in our society. Respect others no matter who. Give them a chance to change,” he added.