Vape & E-Cigarettes Might Be Illegal Soon in Malaysia

(source: CNBC)

Ever since the smoke ban, many have converted to ‘vaping’ which led to the sporadic emergence of vape-shops all around our country. Now, it seems like our Ministry of Health (MoH) is considering to ban vapes and e-cigarettes for good.

According to Harian Metro, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said at Dewan Rakyat yesterday that the government is looking at the possibility of banning the sale of electronic cigarettes and vapes entirely.

The recent vaping-linked health-crisis that led to more than 20 deaths in America has prompted the MoH in Malaysia to conduct a detailed study on the need to enforce the ban of such products in view of the deaths due to consumption.

(source: The Sun)

Dzulkefly also cited a study that was conducted two years ago, which showed the social impact e-cigarettes and vapes had on the younger generation.

“The findings show that about 9.1%, or about 300,000 students, comprising 250,000 boys and 50,000 girls, in the country indulging in vape,” he said.

When asked whether the government is planning to impose a tax on the sale of e-cigarettes and vape-related products, Dzulkefly said the bigger question was whether or not the sale of such products should be permitted in the first place.

A Twitter post by the Ministry of Health yesterday (14 Oct ’19) stated that the legislation under review is to ban those under 18 from smoking any type of e-cigarettes and/or vapes – emphasising that it will be regulated under the Poisons Act 1952.


Along with that statement, they said that any prescription that contains nicotine (including vaping liquid) will not be for sale except by licensed pharmacists and registered medical practitioners. So, after this we can only get our vapes from the pharmacy?

The distribution and supply of any nicotine-containing liquids require registration and approval from the Drug Authority Control under the provisions of the Drug and Cosmetic Control Regulations 1984 – the Drug Sales Act 1952.


Any shops or individuals caught distributing or supplying any nicotine liquids will be fined not more than RM25,000 or imprisoned for not more than 3 years, or both.

Since the legislation is still under review, there is still no word on when it will be implemented or passed. There is also the chance that the government will decide to just tax e-cigarette and vape sales though it will be a complicated process.

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