Only 4 In 10 Grab Drivers Have Obtained Their PSV Licences Ahead Of Regulation Deadline

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In July, the Ministry of Transport announced that E-hailing Regulations would come into full effect starting 12 October 2019

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As regulation deadline approaches, Grab has been working closely with authorities to assist drivers towards full compliance. Nevertheless, it has been a significant task for government agencies and the driver community due to the unprecedented regulatory process.

Grab drivers are required to obtain a public service vehicle (PSV) licence, passenger insurance, e-hailing sticker, and e-hailing vehicle permit (eVP) to continue operating

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To receive their PSV license, drivers have to go through:

  • Background check
  • 6-hour driver training
  • JPJ driver exam
  • Puspakom car inspection
  • Health checkup

Since the actual regulatory process began in April 2019, Grab has been partnering with relevant parties to expedite and streamline PSV applications for their drivers. To incentivise drivers to register before 12 October 2019, Grab is even subsidising 70% of the total driver regulatory compliance cost.

Earlier this week, e-hailing drivers were caught in a jam when they found out they had to fulfil two new requirements ahead of this Saturday’s deadline

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E-hailing drivers were expected to have a printed e-hailing vehicle permit (eVP) and to convert their vehicle category to e-hailing private vehicle (AH), in addition to all the previous requirements.

However, the Ministry of Transport has since clarified that e-hailing drivers would not need a physical eVP or change their vehicle category manually, as the Land Public Transport Agency would convert it automatically for them.

Nevertheless, only 4 in 10 Grab drivers have gotten their PSV licences ahead of the October deadline

Image via Grab

According to Grab, they have been aiming for at least 150,000 of their drivers to go through the PSV process. To date, 41% of these drivers-partners are now licensed.

A further 13% are still in the process of completing their PSV training, whilst 17% are awaiting the opportunity to go through the paper-based examinations. Finally, close to 7% are waiting for their licences to be issued.

While the majority of Grab drivers are on the way to getting their PSV licences, quite a number of drivers have decided to drop out of the regulatory process

Image via Reuters

Since the announcement, 22% of Grab’s active driver-partners have dropped out of the regulatory process. According to The Star, the process has proven to be too cumbersome and not worth the cost for part-time drivers.

The Malaysian E-hailing Drivers Association (Mehda) president Daryl Chong also notes that waiting times may become longer for passengers due to lack of drivers. That’s why you should pre-plan your rides by booking earlier and riding during non-peak hours.

To find out more about the E-hailing Regulation and how it affects you, head over to Grab’s website today!

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