Vans: King of the Gap

Vans return after a four year wait for the second edition of KL’s coolest skate comp. Featuring the legendary Carlsbad Gap* Vans have put out the call for all local skaters to join in the contest and show off their skills. Even if you lack the skate swagger you can still head down to the event and watch the contest unwind (and pretend you are somewhat street cultured).

Date Saturday 14 January 2012d
Time 9am – 7pm
Venue CapSquare KL

* To those less versed in the finer points of skate, the Carlsbad Gap gained notoriety at Carlsbad High School California, attracting pro skaters to attempt to stunts. The difficulty of the obstacle is the upward slanted landing. A special replica has been created by Vans for the event (picture below).

Image Skate Malaysia

To register head to and fill out the registration form (participants are required to pay a RM10 registration fee on the day of the competition). Every skater will receive a free exclusive Vans tee as well as a goody bag. In addition to that there a are some pretty sweet prizes to be won, including –

1st Prize RM3,500 Cash + Vans Gift Voucher worth RM500 + More
2nd Prize RM1,500 Cash + Vans Gift Voucher worth RM300 + More
3rd Prize RM1,000 Cash + Vans Gift Voucher worth RM200 + More

For more info, stop by a Vans boutique, Stadium, or selected Studio R and Royal Sporting House stores, otherwise head to