Valery Koh’s Dreamy Mixed Media of A E S T H E T I C S

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It was a fascination for Photoshop that caused 21-year-old advertising and design student Valery Koh to develop a keen interest in learning the software and consequently, learning to transform photos. At the time, she tirelessly went through a habit of downloading and using Photoshop on a 30-day trial and erasing it to only repeat the process in a cycle. The experience was tedious, but the late nights and YouTube tutorials eventually proved to be a fruitful experimentation, which allowed her to have this style of mixed media collaging.

“I really like the aesthetic of incorporating digital, drawings, and handwriting, so when I create a piece, I make sure to incorporate these elements in them,” explains Valery. An artwork of hers would undergo a series of “overlaying photos, cropping, adding drawings, or writings” that results in fanciful designs that will catch the eye of Tumblr and Pinterest curators. “To be brutally honest, I always start and end a piece with only one goal in mind – to make it A E S T H E T I C (laughs)!”

Being creative is a fuel for creating, no matter her mood. She also doesn’t rely on inspiration to strike, “I love the process of doing something creative as much as the fulfilling feeling I get when I finish an artwork.”

More of Valery’s work below:



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