Ustaz Ebit Lew Helps Hardworking, Elderly Foodpanda Delivery Aunty Who Was Formerly a Writer

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(Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook)

It’s heartbreaking to see elderly people who still have to work to support themselves. Not too long ago we reported about an elderly uncle who had to sell sugarcane water on the side of a street in Terengganu. Now, netizens have brought to light another elderly aunty who works as a Foodpanda delivery person.

A photo shared by Facebook user Tiffany Chang, caught the attention of many netizens including  preacher-charity organiser, Ustaz Ebit Lew. He took the opportunity to have a chat with the elderly aunty known as Christine Ti as she shared her life’s story.

U see la u see la, this auntie do food panda le.. those got leg got hand ask for money memang mempersiasuikan.. #salute #wishyouallthebest

Posted by Tiffany Chang on Thursday, November 26, 2020

According to Ebit Lew’s Facebook post, Christine was a writer for an English magazine but lost her job during the early stages of MCO. She lives with her sister and her mother had just passed away recently.

“I cried listening to Aunty Christine’s story, I could understand her struggle and she’s also such a kind and friendly person,” he said in his Facebook post adding that she’s a strong and hardworking woman.

(Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook)

Doing what Ustaz Ebit Lew does best, the public figure decided to help repair Aunty Christine’s old Perodua Kancil Car that she uses to deliver her food to her customers.

He also helped her replace her tires and gave her some extra money. In return, Aunty Christie offered to pay for his friends’ parking.

(Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook)

Aunty Christine was definitely overwhelmed by the gesture and shed some few tears. Lew also mentioned that he would be visiting Auntie Christine’s house as it needed some repairs too.

Although things have not been easy, Aunty Christine has always looked on the bright side of things and even noted that she enjoys her job as all the youngsters are friendly and there isn’t any work politics. Lew said, “Sometimes, she gets an order that cost RM7 and she’s happy cause usually she doesn’t get that amount.”

(Source: Ebit Lew on Facebook)

The pandemic has not been easy for any of us, but we’re glad that we have someone like Ustaz Ebit Lew to spread a bit of happiness every now and then.

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