USD6 Million Worth of Apple Goods Robbed From Apple Truck in a Highway Heist

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Robbing a truck load of apples may sound like the plot of a fan-made Fantastic Mr Fox sequel, but that happened in real life recently in Northamptonshire, England, when an Apple truck carrying over USD6.6 million worth of Apple products was robbed on the M1 highway.

According to Hypebeast, police said the incident took place between 7.45 to 8pm. The robbers had even taken the liberty to tie up the security guard and truck driver, and drove off heading to Eldon Close in Crick, where the goods were moved to another truck.

(Source: BBC)

48 pallets of iPhone 11a, Air Pods and Apple Watches were stolen by the robbers.

It was not long after the incident that officers discovered the second truck in Lutterworth, Leicestershire but investigators believe a third vehicle was involved to transfer the goods.


Example of an IMEI number. (source:

Although the heist may have been pulled off flawlessly like a movie scene, the thieves aren’t in the clear yet as Apple is known for its careful control over its shipments and keeping a close record of serial numbers.

The stolen devices might be disabled for usage if the activation locks assigned to the IMEI (International Mobile station Equipment Identity) numbers are used.