Urban Outraged: Online Store Selling ‘Human Leather’ Is Not What You’d Expect

(Source: Urban Outraged)

A new webstore has caused quite a stir online for it’s eyebrow-raising leather goods.

Urban Outrage, modelled after trendy apparel stores such as Urban Outfitters, sells what you’d usually expect i.e. jackets, loafers, dresses and even skirts.

The only difference? They’re made out of human skin.

The products are as gruesome as they are nightmare-inducing, and feature the names of the humans ‘sacrificed’ to make them.

Items listed for sale include The Sofie Dress, The Richard Loafers, and The Adrian Belt.

Of course, if you were hoping to actually buy any of the items, you’d quickly find out the webstore is actually fake, and is a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

“PETA’s Urban Outraged challenges shoppers to see the individual behind every bit of animal skin on store racks and shelves,” said the group’s executive vice president Tracy Reiman.

The group says that the stunt was also designed to satirise apparel companies and online retailers who shamelessly peddle products made from animals, reports New York Post.

“A cow’s skin belongs to her, and she feels fear and pain in a slaughterhouse every bit as much as you or I would.”

If you click around on the website, you will be redirected to a page which sees PETA call out retailers like Urban Outfitters specifically, while also urging people to stop buying animal-derived products.

“Every year, billions of animals suffer and die for wool, cashmere, leather, down, mohair, silk, and alpaca fleece production.

“Urban Outfitters may not sell human skin, but it sells skin from sentient beings. Its stores already sell luxurious, animal-free textiles, so it should be easy for them to sell only those and remove all animal-derived products.”