Man Selling Cats For RM800 By Side Of The Road Under Hot Sun Called Out For Animal Abuse

(Source: Malaysian Animal Association)

A food trader in Cheras was accused by netizens of neglecting and mistreating his cats that he was selling for RM800 each by the side of the road at Bandar Sri Permaisuri.

The issue was brought to light under the Kucing Hilang Jumpa Malaysia and the Malaysian Animal Association Facebook pages.

(Source: Malaysian Animal Association)
(Source: Malaysian Animal Association)

Many followers of the pages urged the public not to buy the cats and instead, make a report to save them as the man could repeat his actions.

Many netizens also voiced out their concerns and some even made reports to the police in hopes that the cats could be saved.

Following the comments, it has been learnt that the cats were eventually bought.

However, netizens are still displeased with the food seller’s intention to buy a new female cat for breeding with other male cats, with the money he received.

(Source: Facebook)

Animals have feelings too and no one likes seeing them in a haggard state. We hope that the cats are in good hands now.