Unveiling the 8 Red Bull Thre3Style Malaysia Finalists

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NICK HAYDEZ (@nickhadeyz)
“Music as the foundation, performance as the pillars, RB3STYLE is the game.”

Found@Thirst alumnus Nick Haydez has had numerous musical phases growing up. He’s gone from playing in a band to being a DJ now, which would explain why homie is diverse when it comes to his musical choices. Despite that, Nick is more closely associated with electro, house, and techno. It’d be interesting to see how he’s going to juggle the 3 styles mantra of the competition.

“It’s all about kicking ass.”

JUICE is no stranger to Ben Cracko. With 16 years’ worth of DJing experience and winner of our DJ Quest competition in 2006, he’s the most seasoned competitor here. Beyond that, he has won 11 awards – making him one of the most awarded local DJ. And unlike a lot of self-taught DJs, Ben graduated from Leeds College of Music, UK (Music Technology) and resident DJ at Bondi Beach Club, Leeds & Castleford, UK (2002 – 2004).

REEVE (@iamdjreeve)
“If mixing is an art, Red Bull Thre3Style is the canvas.”

Reeve’s passion for DJing was instigated after he saw Scratch, the turntablism docu. But even prior to that, this Malaccan boy’s love for music had genesis in his childhood, when he used to buy cassettes and CDs. With influences in hip hop DJs such as DJ Ricky Jay, DJ Yonny, Mix Master Mike, A-Trak, Goldfish, DJ Nesh, and DJ Fuzz, Reeve is an ardent believer in the art of turntablism – making a promising candidate for a competition that focuses on mixing.

TKI (@tki_)
Thre3Style offers a platform for an underdog like me to shine.”

You might not have heard of him, but TKI’s DJing skills run in the blood. His own brother is one of the founders of Resistiv3 and Bud Culture, and for those who had seen him spun, you’d know this kid’s got something. Heavily influenced by UK vibes, TKI plays d’n’b, dub, jungle, synthfunk, glitch, hip hop, and half-joke genres like aquacrunk and seapunk. Kid is a tad weird, but if there were one underdog in this competition, it’s him.

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