UndiMsia! Democracy Made Hip

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You might recognise some of the figureheads in the above video (just assume the ones you don’t are celebrities too), they are JUICE regulars after all. Now their discussing socio-political commentary might make you scratch your neck and stroke your ironic moustache in bewilderment, but still pique your curiosity all the same. That is exactly what UndiMsia! is aiming for – creating political awareness among the youths.
UndiMsia! is an initiative to instil the importance of democracy into the country’s younger demographics through educational deliverables and hip-by-association modus operandi as exemplified in the video above. Questions you’re otherwise too apathetic to ponder about are given voice by DJ Blink, Altimet, and a girl who could be an actress (maybe a singer, we’re not sure), among others. Hearing these people talk about important electoral issues surely will galvanise a revolution among you guys.

To raise the all important funds which will make it all happen, UndiMsia! has organised Come UndiMsia! a fundraiser on Malaysia Day, 16th September. In anticipation of the big day, they’ve kicked off an online contest involving various celebrities with something to say. From rapstar SonaOne championing our access to clean water, to Miss Malaysia Nadia Heng defending the rights of the indigenous, it’s not something we see everyday, and definitely worth checking out, if only to learn a thing or two about these issues. You can then vote by clicking LIKE on photos of the individuals that appeal most to you.

On 16th September, 10 of the candidates with the most votes online will be at the event to present their issues in their own unique way for the final round of voting. Comedian and intimidating female-impersonator Shelah is hosting, while theatre staples Mano Maniam, Chew Kin Wah, and screen actor Bront Palarae will be doing a special one-off performance which promises to throw your mind into a different dimension! So don’t miss out on an entertaining evening to support a good cause! Tickets are selling fast, get yours now!

The event also acts a fundraiser as the monetary contribution gained from it will be used to fund UndiMsia!’s mission to deliver educational deliverables throughout the country.

UndiMsia – Imagining a Tastier Democracy is on 16 September at Leonardo’s Wine Loft. Starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are RM150, inclusive of dinner, performances, a booklet, and hey, free education! Contact [email protected] to book your tickets. Find more info here and here.