Uncle Kentang Pays For Policeman’s Dog’s Operation Bill After It Got Run Over By a Hilux

Source: FMT & Malay Mail

Last year while carrying out their duties at a roadblock in Kota Tinggi, Johor, three police officers received a visit from an abandoned dog that was roaming around that area.

After a few days, the police officers decided to adopt the dog together as they slowly grew attached to the friendly “Johnny”.

The loyal dog stuck with them through thick and thin, even becoming popular amongst other officers.

Here’s a video a video of the officers playing with Johnny at the roadblock:

Unfortunately Johnny is currently suffering from injuries due to recent accident where he was run over by a four-wheel vehicle (Hilux). Due to this, the police reached out to Uncle Kentang for help.

Speaking to FMT, Kuan Chee Heng (Uncle Kentang) said, “The police officer involved called me yesterday. They are only regular police officers and their pay isn’t that high, they can only spare so much to pay the vet.”

Source: Malay Mail

The policeman who has been taking care of Johnny had taken him to the nearest vet as he was worried Johnny could be dying from his injuries.

However, due to the severity of his injuries, Johnny has to get treatment from another vet in Johor Bahru which is about an hour away from Kota Tinggi, and the bill might cost thousands.

“This story really touched my heart because this officer is Malay and a Muslim. They worry about Johnny’s condition,” said Kuan.

Source: FMT

“I told the officer to not worry about the bill because I will take care of it. They’re the real heroes of the day.”

Uncle Kentang has paid off the RM3,000 surgery cost for Johnny while the police officers paid RM180 with their own funds during the first visit.

Kuan is famously known for his charitable works which includes organising a programme called ‘Pasar 10 sen’ where he sells clothes, tools and books for funds for the needy.

Last month, it was announced that Uncle Kentang will receive the Commonwealth Points of Light Award on 12 June.