Another Green Turtle Found Dead, Possibly From Being Caught in a Net at Pulau Kapas Marine Park

source: Kapas Conservation Society

A carcass of a green turtle was found washed up on the shore of Pulau Kapas Marine Park during high tide in the morning on Sunday (30 May), just four days after the case of a turtle being killed for its eggs.

Pulau Kapas Conservation Society said they have filed a report to the Department of Fisheries Terengganu.

In a statement, they said the carapace, measured at 73cm in length and 66cm in width, was cracked open while its remains were in a decomposing state with some of its inner organs coming out, and other injuries throughout its body.

source: Kapas Conservation Society

According to Kapas Conservation, it is possible that the turtle was caught in a net and suffocated to death before being struck by a boat while it drifts in the ocean.

Despite being gazetted as a marine park, Kapas Conversation said there have been many reported incidents of dead sea turtles in Terengganu besides the two cases.

“We urge authorities to monitor the illegal fishing activities within the boundary of marine parks and and its surrounding waters. The use of prohibited nets such as stingray nets are also a serious threat to the survival of our sea turtles,” it said in a statement.