PHOTOS: Uncle from Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam Looks Half His Age For His Streetwear Collab with TNTCO

(source: HoKowHainamKopitiam – FB)

Kopitiam culture is deeply ingrained in the lifestyle of Malaysians. Unlike foodie trends, kopitiam is built around and for a community, combining traditional old-school atmosphere while leaving space for variability that transcends generations.

Ho Kow Kopitiam in Kuala Lumpur is the first thing that comes to mind if you are looking for a hearty Hainanese breakfast, but who would’ve thought that the humble shop would come up with a streetwear line?!

And what makes it more stylo, the t-shirts are modelled by Uncle Ho Kow himself and damn, he’s serving up cool-grandpa-vibes. Take a look:

Recently, the kopitiam has teamed up with local fashion brand TNTCO. In the series, there are 3 different graphic tees – ‘Breakfast Tee’, ‘Bonsai Tee’, and ‘Yumcha Tee’.

They also come with a limited edition Hainan Cham Mooncake – nyums!

(source: HoKowHainamKopitiam – FB)

The tees retail for RM149 while the mooncake goes for RM129.

While the series is priced higher than most local brand collabs, you can’t deny those designs are cool AF. Furthermore, what’s better than repping your fave kopitiam?

Grab ’em by visiting TNTCO’s website here