UAE Hosts Their Very Own Real-Life ‘Squid Game’ With Costumes And Everything!

Source: The Vibes

The most recent binge-worthy show on Netflix has hit number one in 90 countries, so it’s clear that almost everyone has taken a large interest in the Korean show, Squid Game.

Well, what if you could actually be in the games? I don’t know about you, but that cash prize of KRW45.6 billion (RM159 million) sure looks enticing to me.

One country, in particular, has taken it a step further to replicate the game and created its very own real-life Squid Game.

Source: Netflix

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be hosting their very own “KCC Squid Game Event” tomorrow, where over 300 contestants have applied. However, only two groups of 15 participants each will be competing.

Closely based on the fictional show, the event will see contestants dress up in the same costumes as the show’s actors, while staff will wear the iconic circle, triangle, and square masks and pink jumpsuits.

Source: Netflix

The event will also feature four of the six games from the K-Drama. Those of which include Tug-of-War and Ddakji, as seen being played by the mysterious suited recruiter and Seong Gi Hun in episode one.

But of course, this real life version will not be incorporating the murderous aspect of the show, and there’s also no prize money to be won.

Source: Netflix

The Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) hopes the event will inspire people in the United Arab Emirates to learn more about Korean culture.

“The games seemed a bit brutal in the series to maximise the dramatic element, however, actually all the games in the series are popular games played by Korean children,” says the KCC.

To ensure the safety of participants, sponge guns will be used instead of real guns, and the tug-of-war will be played on flat ground instead of hundreds of feet in the air.

Who knows? If this gets picked up, we might see a Squid Game in Malaysia, or rather, a Harimau Game.

Source: Netflix

Though, I feel if Malaysians were to play Green Light, Red Light, many would perhaps request a yellow light to be added.

Regardless, this truly speaks to how popular the K-Drama has become across the globe. Have you seen it yet?