tyDi: Armin Van Buuren’s Golden Boy

Having performed here before, tyDi is no stranger to the Malaysian dance community. The talented DJ first became a resident DJ at just 17. Now 25, tyDi is signed to Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Label and has since garnered a multitude of dance accolades – from winning the title of Australia’s #1 DJ (Sony ITM DJ Poll) for 2 consecutive years to getting awarded with the Best Breakthrough DJ Award in 2010’s IDMA. His debut album Look Closer went straight to #2 on the Australian Dance Albums Chart and his sophomore Shooting Stars released last year has done similarly well. More recently tyDi is seen supporting Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance tour in Ukraine, showing formidable mettle that’d rival his label owner. Come 28 April, Malaysians will witness tyDi at his prime as he is set to spin at Zouk @ Sepang alongside the likes of Afrojack and Bobby Burns. JUICE got to speak to the DJ and found out how you could get him to start talking, and what he has up his sleeves for his Sepang set…

How would you introduce yourself to a stranger?
My mum told me not to talk to strangers, unless they’re offering me candy.

Lucky for you, we got a jar full of candies… now start talking! We heard you were awarded some pretty awesome titles and you’re quite young – how does it feel to be titled and awarded such cool things?
Amazing! I’ve been very lucky throughout my career so far, it feels so nice to get so much back from my fans, I’m super grateful.

What’s the reason behind starting your own radio show? Was it tough?
I started Global Soundsystem because I wanted to reach out to a wider audience with my music, I have so much music to share with my fans and through the show I’m able to reach people all over the world every single week.

What do you hope to achieve in 2012?
I’m very excited to be touring to a lot of new countries that I’ve never been to before, I’m also releasing a Global Soundsystem mix compilation and a whole bunch of new singles. Hopefully my new music will continue to spread across the planet!

When’s the last time you felt satisfied? Not sexually but with your music.
Today! I’m in the studio with my friend BT and we’ve written something super special, it’s always satisfying when I finish a new song.

Finally, give your fans in KL a shout out and a preview of what’s to come at Sepang this April.
I absolutely love Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian audience are very fun people who seem to be up for anything, I can’t wait to come back and play for you! Thanks for all the support in the past and I hope you’re ready for what I’ve got coming.


Sounds like he’s got something up his sleeve for his Malaysian fans, eh? Purchase your tickets or get more info about the event at www.redtix.airasia.com.