TV Sarawak Newscasters Appear Live in Stunning Traditional Garments in Celebration of Gawai Dayak

Bidayuh residing in Vancouver highlights Gawai Dayak in special photoshoot
source: Borneo Post Online

Gawai Dayak is an annual festival celebrated by the Dayak community in Sarawak and it includes a plethora of ethnic tribes such as Iban, Bidayuh, Kenyah, Orang Ulu, Kelabit, Penan and others.

Similar to any other festival, there are several renditions of traditional garments that are worn by those celebrating the holiday and to showcase the beauty and intricacies of said clothing, newscasters in Sarawak decided to wear their costumes live.

source: @mangopft on Twitter / Sarawak Voice

Audiences of Astro 122 and myFreeView feasted their eyes as popular newscasters such as Priscilla John and Jessica Chung appeared in their stunning Ngepan Iban costumes whilst Steward Dewi and Emmanuel Reuben Gomes wore Baju Burung as they presented the news.

CEO of Sarawak Media Group, Suhaimi Sulaiman stated on Television Sawarak (TVS) official site that this representation in the news was to show appreciation as well act as a tribute to Gawai Dayak and its traditional garments.

Check it out:

After the recent incident where a local influencer insulted traditional Iban garments, it’s refreshing to see such representation and appreciation for the true beauty and elegance of these homemade costumes.

If you’d like to see more of these newscasters decked out in their Gawai Dayak fits, you can visit TV Sarawak’s official Twitter.