Turmspringer: Berlin State Of Mind

TEXT Hidzir Junaini

Berlin can change your life, or at least that’s what happened to the boys behind Turmspringer. While Tim Brüggemann was brought up in the minimal underground, his production partner Robert Galic was initially a London boy with a renowned discography of jazzanova. And when Robert headed to Germany to finish his latest nu-jazz work, it would turn out to be his last endevaour within that genre. The Berlin scene enveloped him after chance encounter with Tim and a new soulfully funky techno duo was conceived. With infectious energy and a gift for crate-digging rarities, the boys have become the talk of many towns. We spoke to Robert prior to their Berlin Meets Singapore set at Azzura about the influence of the city on their music.

Hi Turmspringer! We were wondering how you got your start in music?
I was always into music, as kid in my parents’ house, in the streets and school with break dance; but the major step… I made as teenager. I started playing guitar after I had to quit my football career because of a major injury. It was a good swap and the best way to wash my pain away. From then on I was into music. I studied bass, percussion and ethnomusicology in London at SOAS.

How did you meet Tim and what made you decide to make music together?
I was still living in London and was invited to play in Berlin for a typical ‘90s backyard party. There I met Tim behind the turntables – hyper and totally hot to play. Instead of fighting about the next slot, we decided to play together back-to-back. This was the first touch… with more to follow.

To someone who hasn’t heard Turmspringer before, how would you describe your music?
Ass shakin’ mind blowin’ sh*t. (Laughs)

What is like working in the studio together? Do you both have disagreements sometimes?
It’s not easy, we often have disagreements, but the controversy at the end makes the flavour special. However a track ends up, it’s a symbiosis of us two.

Name us one thing that Tim does better than you?
Tim makes the better chili con carne!

How much of an impact did the Berlin scene have on you both?
A lot. When I decided to move from London to Berlin, my idea was to finish there my album on Sonar Kollektiv. During this time I was regularly going out. Berlin’s best parties happened in the underground scene and the music that was typically played was techno and minimal. I was so electrified by this music; it was not easy finishing a nu jazz album at the same time… that’s for sure. Berlin changed everything for me!

Any crazy tour stories to share with us?
For that we should have a bottle of good vodka and lots of time. (Laughs)

Do you guys have anything new coming up on the production end?
Yeah! A new 12” as well as a DJ mix coming out on Tonkind very soon.

Looking forward to it! And where do you see yourselves in five years?
Surrounded by nice people at a nice place with great music on a different planet.

Rapture of the Deep and 28Black are the organisers of the Berlin Meets Singapore parties. And that only makes sense, since 28Black stands for high quality and lifestyle – the same ideals and visions that Rapture of the Deep is bringing to the table. Together, they aim to bring good music to Singapore and wahey, everyone wins! www.myspace.com/turmspringer