Truth Behind Professional Photographs: Expectation vs Reality

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We sigh in contentment and wonder when we scroll through Instagram and see all these drop-dead gorgeous photos taken by professionals, but in the back of our minds, we always wonder how they managed to capture these pictures perfectly. Well, now we know the truth.

Brazilian wedding and family photographer Gilmar Silva has put together a brilliant series of behind-the-scenes photos that reveals the cold, hard truth of professional photoshoots, proving that they are definitely not always what they seem.

1. Bro, is your back doing okay?

2. Feel bad for whomever is washing their clothes after.

3. The next time you gaze upon a puddle of mud, remember to see the clear blue sky.

4. Really hope that the insects stayed away.

5. The baby is probably having a WTF moment right there.

6. This is actually pretty neat and fun to experiment with for different results.

7. Safety first.


9. What cars?

10. Feel betrayed. Lies. All lies.

Let us leave you with this verse from our favourite Morrissey song:

“You have never been in love
until you’ve seen the stars
reflect in the reservoirs”

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