Troll Sightings & Abraham Lincoln’s Side Profile: The Many Wonders Of Sarawak’s Mulu Caves

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source: The Star

The Mulu Caves, also referred to as Gua Mulu have sparked interest both locally and internationally as one of the biggest caves in the world. Located in Sarawak, the formation of the caves took roughly 60 million years, under extremely difficult environmental conditions.

There are 4 spectacular caves located in Sarawak’s Mulu National Park, which is considered a World Heritage Site, and each cave is extraordinarily distinctive in its own enigmatic way.

The steep trails, rare orchids, hidden valley and waterfall enclosed by limestone cliffs are just the beginning of all its marvel.

Here’s a list of the most interesting known facts surrounding this stunning location:

1. The Deer Cave, or Gua Rusa can fit up to 40 Boeing 747 airplanes

source: Wikipedia

The Deer Cave, noted for having one of the largest cave systems on Earth, may be reached after a 3km hike. However, Deer Cave of Mulu has dropped to second place as the largest cave in the world after the discovery of the Son Doong Cave in Vietnam.

Despite this, it hasn’t diminished in size. Its chamber can fit up to 40 Boeing 747s – strange method of measure, but astounding nonetheless.

Additionally, locals claim that deer frequent the cave to satisfy their salt lick cravings and to seek cover from the pouring rain, giving rise to its moniker.

2. Abraham Lincoln’s stone-esque side profile can be found there

source: Borneo Travel Network

If you stand at just the correct angle at the Southern entrance of the cave, you may see what resembles the side profile of Abraham Lincoln, another popular highlight of the Deer Cave.

Though he’s never stepped foot in the cave, it’s not everyday that you get to witness the image of an American politician sculpted by nature…

3. The Caves have seen numerous allegations of troll sightings

source: Mythology Net

Malaysia is a melting pot of folklore, so it’s no surprise that a curious location like the Mulu Caves comes with its own mythological tale.

Over the years, netizens and locals who have visited the cave claimed to have come across multiple indications of a troll residing within the area, conveniently hidden among the lush vegetation and high peaks.

This has never actually been confirmed and remain merely interesting allegations – for now.

4. Lang’s Cave is the orange-hued home of bats and reptiles

source: Mulu National Park

Even though Lang is the smallest of the four exhibition caves, its remarkable design and rock formation are stunning to behold. Orange spotlights are strategically placed inside the cave,  drawing attention to the stalactites and stalagmites’ more spectacular and intriguing aspects.

It’s also easier to spot the cave inhabitants here, namely swiftlets, bats, and various species of reptiles including snakes. Not for the faint of heart, perhaps.

5. The Wind Cave is the perfect place to ‘chill’ and unwind

source: Mulu National Park

The entrance to the Wind Cave is only a short distance away from the riverside, therefore tourists must first stroll down a boardwalk to get there. The cold breeze that flows through the cave’s intricate architecture is probably the best part of this cave, evident in its name.

Needless to say, this is especially pleasant to experience when it’s hot and humid outside. However, a torchlight is a necessity for this underground adventure as the Wind Cave is not well lit.

Sounds like my ideal location for a nap, tbh.

6. The Clearwater Cave is the longest cave in all of Asia

With a length of 107 kilometers, Clearwater Cave is the longest cave in all of Asia.

Your journey to the mouth of Clearwater Cave will take you 200 steps up some stairs through a lovely woodland. With its underground river and distinctive buildings, it is truly a sight to take in. The cave also includes boardwalks and little bridges that make it simpler and safer to explore – shaping its reputation as a tourist favourite.

Due to the underground river that flows into the cave, part of it is also accessible by boat.

This is the place to snap your OOTD, but I probably didn’t have to tell you that.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got the agenda for my next holiday destination settled…