Elon Musk Drops EDM Track, Reaches Soundcloud’s Top 10

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You read that right. The founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla, Inc. is now venturing into the music industry with the debut of his trance-based EDM song titled ‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe’ which is.. interesting to say the least.

Elon Musk: acting spokesman and authority figure on all things cool.

It seems like Musk really believed in his vibe when he released the 4-minute track under the name Emo G Records onto online audio distribution site, Soundcloud, which is usually favoured by new or up-and-coming artists who want to release their music independently.

He even went so far as to include the genre tag of ‘#anime’, which happens to be the only tag featured and is somehow fitting as no conventional genre that comes to mind could possibly describe the overall sound of this vibe setter.

In just less than a week after its release, the song has been streamed over 2.6 million times and climbed its way to Soundcloud’s Top 10 most played tracks of that week.

So is it really a vibe or nah? Have a listen and judge for yourselves!

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