To Pay Off Their Rented Car, 5 Teenage Girls From Kedah Tried to Rob a Petrol Station

(source: Malay Mail/Utusan)

According to Utusan, five teenage girls were caught red-handed trying to break into a petrol station in Rantau Panjang, Tikam Batu in Kedah, yesterday (6 Jan).

The teenagers aged between 15 and 17 were caught by the owner of the petrol station at around 2.30am. It was learnt that they were trying to break into the premises with the intention to steal as they are desperate to pay for their rented car.

All five of them were from around Kedah, specifically Baling and Sik.

The owner of the petrol station, Azzurin Hassan, 32, said he was shocked to see three girls slamming the backdoor of the station through his CCTV camera.

“I and some neighbours then surrounded the petrol station area before detaining two teenagers while one managed to escape with two other friends who were waiting in the car,” he said.

(source: FB JPJ/POLIS)

Azzurin said that the detained teenagers admitted that they had planned to break into his business premises to steal using a wooden saw and an iron rod.

“The purpose of doing so is to get money to pay for a Perodua Viva car that has been rented for more than a few days. The arrested teenagers were taken to the Tikam Batu Police Station and after being contacted, three more of their friends came to surrender at the station,” he said.

Azzurin also noted that the five girls did not go to school and no longer lived with their families because they wanted to live independently. However, he decided to not lodge a police report as he did not suffer any losses.

Instead, he gave them some life advice before letting them off the hook.