Titans Season 2 Trailer Gives Us a New Look at Deathstroke, Superboy and More

(source: DC Comics/ Twitter)

When there’s trouble you know who to call – The not so teen Titans. DC Universe’s Titans released its season 2 trailer, giving us a closer look at the growing roster of super-powered people that’ll appear in the show and a new menacing threat – Deathstroke “The Terminator”

It’s established in season 1 that there was a Teen Titans, with members Dick Grayson’s Robin, Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl. They tried, and they failed. The introduction of Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and a new-and-arrogant Robin, Jason Todd reaffirms the team is coming back, under the wings of the OG Robin.

(source: Appocalypse)

The growing team will feature Superboy and his good boy, Krypto the Superdog, Aqualad, Deathstroke’s children Ravager and Jericho, including Game of Thrones‘ Ian Glen as Bruce Wayne. There’s definitely going to be more characters appearing in the show, but that’s all we got for now.

Although the trailer doesn’t tell how, or if they’re going to wrap up the Raven’s family drama that Dick got pulled in, it does give us clues on the plot lines they’re going to tackle and apparently, Slade’s return has something to do with his history with Dick and Donna.

(source: Digital Spy)

And you know Slade don’t play like Wade.

Titans season 2 will come flying January 11, 2020 on Netflix.