Avoid The Jam & Celebrate a Cosy Merdeka By Watching These 7 Netflix Shows

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(source: The Malaysian Reserve)

Salam Merdeka semua! Malaysia’s National Day is just a few days away. It will be a day of celebration and you can expect parades, fireworks, concerts, sporting events and more happening all across the country…

While all of this IS exciting, you’ll probably have to mentally prepare yourself to push through the traffic jams as everyone and their mothers will be out and about! Not to mention, once you’ve arrived at the destination, you’ll have to deal with the massive crowds and finding a parking spot. Don’t get us wrong though, Merdeka is a fun and meaningful occasion but some of us would like to spend it at home..

If you’re planning to take it slow this year and want a cosy Merdeka night in with some friends or your S/O, we’ve got seven Netflix shows for you to put on while you wait for your neighbourhood’s fireworks! Scroll and check out the list:

1. Paskal

Paskal is an action packed military thriller directed by Adrian Teh that features explosive action sequences that rival Hollywood productions. The film is inspired by Malaysia’s very own special operations unit within the Royal Malaysian Navy called Paskal (Pasukan Khas Laut).

Paskal stars Hairul Azreen, Ammar Alfian, Namron, Eizlan Yusof, Henley Hii, Taufiq Hanafi, Gambit Saifullah, Theeban G, Hafizul Kamal, Jasmine Suraya Chin, Amerul Affendi and Tiger Chen Hu.

2. Till Death: Azalea’s Wrath

Starring Khir Rahman, Vanidah Imran, Nam Ron, Kodi Rasheed, Zain Hamid and Zulaika Zahari, Till Death: Azalea’s Wrath is about a couple who just lost their baby due to complications during childbirth. They move to a new house to start fresh. Little do they know, the house carries a dark secret and their journey of hardships have only just begun.

Featuring an original script by director, Sein Qudsi, this is Malaysia’s first movie exclusive to Netflix.

3. Sacred Games 2

A policeman, a criminal overlord, a Bollywood film star, politicians, cultists, spies, and terrorists—the lives of the privileged, the famous, the wretched, and the bloodthirsty interweave with cataclysmic consequences amid the chaos of modern-day Mumbai.

The series is based on the critically-acclaimed best-selling novel Sacred Games by author Vikram Chandra.

4. Fly By Night

Director, Zahir Omar presents his gritty crime drama starring Sunny Pang, Fabian Loo, Eric Chen, Jack Tan and the inimitable Bront Palarae. Set in the heart of a bustling metropolis, Tai Lo runs a profitable con-game with his fellow taxi drivers as accomplices, including his younger brother Sai Lo. Tai Lo keeps his nefarious scheme small, blackmailing selected wealthy passengers that they pick up at the airport.

When he brings ex-convict Ah Soon – his late policeman father’s former accomplice – into the game, it upsets the hot-headed Sai Lo who has been dreaming of bigger schemes for bigger profits.


5. Wu Assassins

Wu Assassins follows Kai Jin, a young Chinatown chef in present day San Francisco, as he becomes entangled with the Chinese Triad’s pursuit of deadly ancient powers known as the “Wu Xing.” After an encounter with a mystical spirit, Kai reluctantly becomes the Wu Assassin, using his enhanced martial arts skills to recover supernatural powers from five modern day criminals threatening to use them to destroy the world.

This martial arts extravaganza features Indonesian actor, Iko Uwais, alongside Byron Mann, Li Jun Li, Celia Au, Lewis Tan, Lawrence Kao, Tommy Flanagan and Katheryn Winnick.

6. Crossroads: One Two Jaga

No Malaysian movie has ever addressed issues of racism, violence, and systemic corruption the way director Namron does in Crossroads: One Two Jaga. There is no surprise that the film nabbed a total of six awards at this year’s Malaysia Film Festival (FFM) including Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director, Most Original Story, Best Poster and Best Screenplay.

“Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a storyteller. Through films, I get to share stories with an audience but with Netflix, I get to share my stories with the world,” said Nam Ron, the director of Crossroads: One Two Jaga.


7. Pulang

A truly unique Malaysian production, Pulang tells of a real life love story that spanned six decades. This is a tale of heartbreak and redemption that is brought to life in vivid detail by Kabir Bhatia’s masterful direction and Zambree Haras’ stunning cinematography.

Profound and heartbreaking, the movie stars Remy Ishak as Othman, Puteri Aishah, Erwin Dawson, Azrel Ismail, Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, and Alvin Wong.



If you’re a hardcore user of Netflix like us and you’ve watched most of these films, Netflix has prepared a full list of 62 #BebasBersamaNetflix series and films for each year of independence! You’re sure to get your entertainment fix.

Have a great Merdeka marathon y’all!

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