Tired of Waiting After 8 Years of Dating, Woman Sues Her BF For Not Wanting to Marry Her

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Society has shaped us in a way to think that when a couple has been together for a long time, it’s only natural for them to finally tie the knot and if they don’t, people, especially nosy relatives, will start questioning and wondering if something has gone wrong.

Sometimes, one partner might have the jitters when it comes to the idea of lifetime commitment, which results in their significant other having to delay their fairytale wedding.

However, the wait can only go for so long and for one woman in Zambia who had enough of it – the act of making someone wait for something that would never come, calls for legal action.

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Gertrude Ngoma has been dating her boyfriend, Herbert Salaliki for eight years. The couple even has a child together but Herbert still seems uncertain to get married even after promising to marry her. Gertrude who was fed up with his attitude, took him to court to force him to outline his plans for the future.

According to the 28-year-old bride in Lad Bible, she had expressed to the court that her boyfriend is not serious about their relationship and she deserves to know how her future will eventually play out with him.

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In Hebert’s defence, he told the court that one of the reasons why he is holding back for now, is because his girlfriend hadn’t given him the attention he thought he deserved.

The Zambian court could not do much to settle the couple’s argument because they aren’t married. Thus, the judge overlooking the case ruled that the two should attempt to reconcile their differences out of court.

Maybe they should consider couple’s therapy before court… or maybe the dude’s just a Softboy.