S’porean Bride Carries On With Solo Wedding Photoshoot After Groom Left Her With No Explanation

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(source: Muzmatch)

Wedding photography has always been an important tool to capture a couple’s union. It helps to encapsulate the bride’s and groom’s wedding day by capturing memories and telling a beautiful story. But life is unexpected and for this particular Singaporean bride as her love story has a plot twist…

Recently, a photography studio in Singapore, Light View, shared on Facebook regarding a wedding photoshoot they were paid to do. While they were expecting a couple, they were only met with a bride who goes by Sasha.

Light View posted up the beautiful photos with the caption, “This was a first for us. Unfortunately one of our brides came to us with unfavourable news. Her wedding was called off by the groom just 3 weeks before the wedding date. However, Sasha forged on, held her head high and decided to hold a well-deserved solo photoshoot. #notabridetodaybutsomeday”

Take a look:

While the series of photos got over 1.5k shares on Facebook, Miss Sasha shared the story behind it through Muzmatch, the Muslim-dating app where she had met her ex-fiance.

Sasha said that while her family members live in New Zealand, she has been staying in Singapore for the past four years and as the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she wanted to be close with her family.

She immediately sent her resignation letter, cancelled her house rental and was basically living off her suitcase before boarding the next flight to NZ.

In that time period, she went swiping away through the dating-app and stumbled upon ‘R’.

After three dates and knowing that she was close to flying out of Singapore, R proposed to meet each other’s parents and get engaged. With the blessings of their parents, the then couple began their wedding preparations in earnest.

(source: LightvieSG)

Unfortunately, just three weeks before they were due to marry, Sasha received a rude shock – R has called her to cancel everything. The news put her under further stress as she was already in the midst of sorting out important affairs like catering, flowers and the outfits.

Just like that, she was a lonesome bride.

As time passed by, neither the groom nor his family contacted her to discuss how to move on and that’s when she decided to take the situation in stride. Rather than let the unfortunate events bring her down, she wants her story to be that of hope and how love shines through the tough times. She said,

“I thought about the dress that I had designed with the bridal designer, the makeup artist that was excited about having me as her first bridal client, and my aunts and uncles who had helped me to prepare the decorations and gifts for the wedding ceremony. And of course, my parents, who designed my wedding invitations and did whatever they could from miles away in New Zealand.

“These were the people that continued to remain in my life and reminded me that there was simply so much beauty and kindness in my life for me.”

(source: Muzmatch)

With a photoshoot already booked, she went on to engage the service of the photography studio and take solo photos of herself in her wedding dress. Poignant portraits not only of Sasha herself, but also details like her dress, shoes and ring, captured netizens’ attention.

Most noticeably, the wide smile on her face despite what she’s been through, tells the greatest story of all.

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