Tips and Tricks on How to Handle Your Relatives this Chinese New Year

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1. The uncle who can’t stop talking about his weird hobby

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We all have that one uncle who is obsessed about his hobby, and can spend hours talking about it non-stop. If you try to change the topic or even get up, he will sit you back down and make sure to tell his story from the start.

How to escape:
For uncles with strong personalities, you’ll need a decoy. Signal your cousin to pass your baby nephew to you and ask for your help to change the diapers. That should catch your uncle off guard just long enough for you to slip out of his grip.

2. The annoying aunty who nags you about everything

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If you’re getting bombarded by naggy questions like “Ah girl, why your skirt so short?” and “So old already still no boyfriend ah?”, don’t feel bad. This happens to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, dating, or married—your annoying aunty will still have something to say.

How to survive:
Aunties like this aren’t really interested in hearing your reasons. So, all you have to do is nod and agree with her statements to make her happy. She will get tired soon enough, unless you start arguing and further fuel her fire.

3. The jealous, nosy cousin who can’t stop asking questions

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There are nice cousins, and then there are cousins who are waiting to take a jab at you. They’ll ask you uncomfortable questions about your salary, whether you got a promotion, and what kind of house or car you’re buying.

How to fire back:
The best way to deal with these kind of cousins is to find their weak spot, and fire back with a question you know they don’t want to answer. Chances are, they’ll either zip it or go back to making the small talk everyone is comfortable with.

4. The super kiasu parent who loves to compare

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When you were kids, these parents would compare how much taller your cousins were or how many more A’s they got for their UPSR. Now that you’re grown up, they are still comparing everything, from relationship status to how much you earn.

How to win:
Try to change the conversation from what you’ve achieved to how much you love your parents. Talk about the vacation you went on together or how often you visit home. While typical kiasu parents seem to care only about achievements, deep down they actually crave for intimacy with their children.

5. The loud, cheeky bunch of kids who get on your nerves

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Most of the time, seeing your cute little nephews and nieces run around during Chinese New Year is something you look forward to. However, spending an entire day with these kids (especially if you’re taking care of them) can drain your energy really quick.

How to handle:
Extra sugar means more energetic kids, so keep the sweets far away. Try getting your nephews and nieces involved in festive games, but if all else fails, video games are a lifesaver. In the worst case, throw them a phone, lock the door, and leave them be.

6. The grandaunt who always messes up your name

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These are the relatives you only see once a year, and given their age, you can’t expect them to remember your names all the time. The only annoying thing is when they start mixing your name up with your siblings, your cousins, or even your parents!

How to help them:
If you see them being unsure of your name, just do them a favour and say, “Do you remember me, (insert name here)?” And if they still can’t recall, tell them, “Aiyoh, I’m (insert parent’s name here)’s daughter lah!”

7. The relative who keeps feeding you food non-stop

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There will always be that one relative who is constantly encouraging everyone to eat. Even if there are five cookies left in the jar, they will make you finish it so they can open a new jar. They’re also more likely to comment on how skinny you look and how much more you should be eating.

How to avoid:
You could give a few different excuses, for instance being on diet, suddenly developing a gluten allergy, or having a toothache. But the best approach is to take the food out of the relative’s hands and say you’ll help distribute it (then walk away and keep the food back in the kitchen).

8. The stranger who happens to know everything about you

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There are relatives you don’t see often, then there are total complete strangers you’ve never seen before. The weird thing is when they start telling you about yourself, and you’re left wondering how they know so much about you.

How to respond:
If they know you so well, they must be some relative who saw you grow up and moved away, or some friend who knows your parents really well. In any case, just be polite and address them as “aunty” and “uncle”. The next time you see them will probably be the following year anyway.

There are certainly relatives we love and those we dislike, but in the end they are all family

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