We’ve Got Free Passes to Give Out for POND Presented by Tiger #UncageMusic

The Land Down Under sees a steady output of musicians in various genres, but leading the psychedelic scene in Perth is Pond – although the band isn’t a fan of that categorisation. Whatever you’d like to call their music, Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson, Joe Ryan, and Jamie Terry will be bringing their sound down to Kuala Lumpur for the first time, so rest assured that it’ll be a night of sweet jams. Complementing the band are show opener Like Silver’s industrial synths and Hugh Koh’s (of Pestle & Mortar) audiovisuals surrounding the The Bee, Publika. Witness the pulsating psych-rock tunes like ‘Waiting Around for Grace’ and ‘Paint Me Silver’ off The Weather – their latest and most mature album to date (produced by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala).

Tiger #UncageMusic Pres. Pond
Date Friday 24 November
Time 7.00pm
Venue The Bee, Publika

JUICE’s got five (5) pairs of passes up for grabs! To win a pair, answer the question below:

Q: What is your most memorable psychedelic moment? (Keep it legal, guys, you know what we mean 😉)

Send your most creative answer by Tuesday 21 November ’17 along with your full nameIC (or passport) no., and handphone number with the subject ‘Tiger #UncageMusic Pres. Pond’ to [email protected]. Winners will be notified immediately via email. JUICE will not share the details of our chosen winners to the public.

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