Tiffin Food Court is back.. in a Military Warehouse?

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Keeping the food court culture alive, Tiffin Food Court is back and you know damn well that we’re ready to stuff our tummies. This time around, they’re serving up to a whopping 50 vendors/partners and it’s located in a disused military warehouse.

Of course they’re keeping up their cool aesthetics as you can expect a full-on 4D treat with a riot of colours, sounds, as well as the most tantalising aromas. Mmm.. dap!

The eight-week long fiesta’s entry is free (no admission charge!) and will be open on Thursday to Sundays, starting from 30 August to 21 October, you’ll have plenty of time to try every delicious dish out. Make sure purchase your food from vendors with the pre-reloaded wrist tags!

Now, you can revisit all your local favourite vendors such as Shwarma King, LI Restaurant, PULP by Papa Palhelta, Aunty Manju’s, BoozEat, Lucky Cuisine, NACHOSLAH, Softsrve, Mom’s BBQ KL and more. Not to mention, the modern, playful Japanese raw bar Tanuki Raw will be making their comeback this year.

If you’re wondering what’s new this time around, Tiffin is bringing in four new vendors that’ll definitely satisfy your food cravings. Scroll down and see the list of ‘dem new-new below:

1. Pizza Lab & Boba Lab

(Huat the Duck Pizza – Pizza Lab & Burnt Tiger Jasmine Boba – Boba Lab)

MyBurgerLab will be debuting their latest “baby”, Pizza Lab and Boba Lab – a new pizzeria and a unique bubble tea café that’s will blow your mind with their amazing selections.


(Nasi Lejen)

Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Chef Liang of WhupWhup will showcase his latest creation, NGOUU- which offers unique twists on local staples such as Nasi Lejen, Klang-Tong Rice, and Mee StaBombastic.

3. Bowls Of Steel

(Main Bola Noodle)

Also making its first appearance in the Klang Valley culinary scene is the soul child of Chef Jun Chan, Bowls of Steel–a ‘Malaysian-ised’ noodle bar with local flavours sourced from Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak.

4. Malcolm Goh

(Wagyu Mac & Cheese Croquette)

Topping off the stellar lineup is Chef Malcolm Goh, Asian Food Channel host and executive chef of Define:Food, who will whet your appetite with Truffle Risotto with Parmigiano Cheese, Wagyu Mac & Cheese Croquettes, Tater Tots with Truffled Cheese Espuma, and House Cured Salt Beef Reuben.

Completing the multi-layered Tiffin Food Court experience, diners can get in the grooves with various DJ acts, while teeing off the food fest with a few rounds of mini golf.

For more info, visit their website, here

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