Three Sun Bears Found Wandering Seremban Road… One Died in A Car Collision

(source: The Star)

According to The Star, a male sun bear was found dead on a roadside ditch in Jalan Ulu Bendul, Bukit Putus, believed to have been hit by a car last night (28 Dec).

It has been reported that there were three wandering sun bears during the accident, but only one was found dead in the ditch.

Director of Negeri Sembilan Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Nurul Ermi Ramli said the carcass of the adult sun bear weighing about 85kg was found by the Jempol Perhilitan officer at 9.10pm.

“The sun bear was found with severe face and bodily injuries.

“It was believed to have strayed from its habitat, but the area it was found dead was actually a wildlife wandering area as it was close to the Angsi Forest Reserve and Berembun Forest Reserve,” she said.

For illustration purposes only (source: NSTOS)

A team of five men from the Seri Menanti fire and rescue station was rushed to the scene after being alerted of an accident involving a Volkswagen car and a sun bear at 8.45pm.

Fortunately, the driver and the passenger of the car, two men aged 41 and 43, were unhurt.

As such, Nurul advised road users to be more careful when driving in areas near the forest and to immediately report to the authority should they come across a wandering or lost wild animal.

Back in 2016, the Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) is listed as Vulnerable to Extinction by the IUCN, and is threatened by habitat loss and hunting for traditional medicine.