This Website Will Self-Destruct If Nobody Posts Anything For 24 Hours

source: Giphy

It’s no surprise that the internet is filled with endless content from various websites to topic specific forums – some active while others are left abandoned. According to Google, there are over 1.5 billion websites which can be accessed across their search engine (see below).

Even with an insane number of websites spanning the world wide web, only less than 200 million of those are active (see above). With that knowledge in mind, one website has come-up with the clever concept of self-destructing if nobody posts on it for 24 hours – appropriately named This Website Will Self-Destruct.

The overall design of the site is pretty simple but equally charming. Visitors are greeted by a message (pictured above) explaining how it works, even stating their privacy policy at the very end to assure them that the only data the website stores are texts posted by users. The website also features a timer which resets to 86,400 seconds (24 hours) whenever somebody posts something.

A very brief and ambiguous mention of the Coronavirus is also present in the sentence ‘It’s been a rough month’ from the website’s welcome message.

Posts can be made by writing in the text box located at the very bottom of the page which starts with the words ‘Dear Website,’. Aside from posting something, visitors can also read messages posted by other users through clicking the ‘Read a message’ button.

For visitors in a gloomy mood, a ‘Feeling Down?’ tab is also present which would direct the visitors to a message that features several links to different mental health and counselling agencies. Finally, there’s a little heart tab in between the ‘Read a message’ and ‘Feeling Down?’ buttons but its purpose is still unclear to me after I tried to click it.

source: Giphy

All in all, it seems like there is no clear purpose to the existence of this website but it definitely will keep you entertained with an endless barrage of messages to read, some showing a glimpse into the lives of strangers while others are completely random with no context whatsoever. Featured below are some of those messages:

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