This Comic Strip Details the Harsh Reality of Household Labour Division

Image Alamy

Until today, the toxicity of gender roles still permeate even the most solid of marriages and sometimes it takes a comic strip to remind people of the damage it can bring. Originally named Fallait demander (a direct translation of “need to ask” from French to English) and then later on edited to You Should’ve Asked, it is titled after the catchphrase or common sentence used in our everyday lives – a passive-aggressive method used by people who lack initiative. In the case of this cartoon, the artist Emma specifically addresses the problem present in heterosexual relationships when men expect women to carry what is called ‘the mental load’.

It’s not enough that we tell each other to get with the times if we’re not actively helping one another at home and in our workspace. Women are constantly accused of nagging but maybe, they just need someone to share the load with them. Stay woke friends.

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