This was Najib’s Cheeky Reply to a Poster of Him ‘Holding’ PKR Flags

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(source: SCMP)

According to The Star, caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak appeared amused that Pakatan Harapan campaigners have taken to installing PKR flags onto BN banners.

In a picture widely circulated on Twitter, Najib is seen in a Barisan National campaign poster “holding” two Pakatan Harapan flags that were clearly planted by non-BN supporters. The image was included in a tweet that was shared over 9,000 times and Najib had a cheeky retort to it.

Twitter user @HasrulRizwan said that whoever came up with the idea should “get an award”. Najib on the other hand, retweeted Hasrul Rizwan’s post of the billboard using laughing tears emoticons to describe the hilarity of the modified billboard with the caption: “In a war, if the flag of the enemy is in your hands it means they have lost. Let’s #jomBN #PRU14,” he tweeted yesterday.

Twittersphere was quick to react with one user asking Najib would organise a “capture the flag” paintball tournament with Pakatan members before polling day.

That would be a match to remember, we reckon.

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